Date: 4-5 May 2015.

Venue: University of Bordj Bou Arreridj Campus, Algeria.

Conference Organisers

Honorary President
Prof. Karim ABBAOUI (Head of the University)

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

ANSOLE Coordinator and International Organizer
Prof. Daniel Ayuk Mbi EGBE

Chairman of the Scientific Committee
Prof. Nacer-Eddine CHELALI


The size of the Algerian Sahara could capture enough solar energy to meet the entire world's electricity needs, according to Mr. Kaveh Zahedi, Deputy Director, UNEP's World Conservation Monitoring Centre based in Cambridge. This is one of the main reasons, which led our country to a significant launch program of the production of electricity from photovoltaic solar energy. Indeed the sun lighting is one of the most valuable resources in Algeria that might ensure more economic growth, employability, less dependence to conventional fossil energy sources and overall improved living conditions. In connection with the development of the Algerian energy industry, clean solar energy would at the same time reduce the carbon dioxide gas emissions and contribute to the environment preservation.

The aim of INCOSOLE 2015 is to provide an interactive meeting forum for researchers, students, scientists, engineers, technology and business leaders from industry, authorities in a convivial space, this to strengthen links, promote collaborations and share knowledge in regards to the treated subject of solar energy.


  • A comprehensive presentation of the state-of-the-art as well as research development and challenges in the photovoltaic field.

  • Discussion of the topics such as new materials, novel device concepts and applications.

  • Analysis of the opportunities and barriers hindering photovoltaics development in the world and in Algeria.

  • Supporting the foundation of national renewable energy association in Algeria.

  • Giving the opportunity to discuss drawn practical recommendations on the subject.

  • To derive profit from the universal world experiences in the domain of solar energy.

Conference Languages

English, French and Arabic are the official scientific languages of the conference. Only a selected number of presented papers in English language will be published in the ANSOLE website.

Important Dates

The interested person can submit an abstract (of no more than one page) for poster or oral presentation to INCOSOLE 2015 by mailing to: incosole2015(at)

  • Deadline for abstract submission: March 20, 2015

  • Notification of accepted abstracts: March 30, 2015

  • Full text submission (no more than six pages): 20 April 2015

  • Conference Dates: 4-5 May 2015

For further details visit

Request of Invitation Letter

To apply for an entry visa, some foreign participants will need an invitation letter from the organizing committee stating the date and venue of the event as well as the hotel address, where the participants will lodge. Please request one by mailing to

Download the "Call for Papers" here.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

T1 - Solar energy in Algeria

- Solar energy potential.

- Projects and integrated solar combined cycle power station.

- Manufacturing of solar energy devices.

- Data mining.

- Case studies.

T2 - Materials and devices for photovoltaic applications

- Novel cell structures, new material combinations and nanostructures.

- High efficiency devices.

- Energy storage.

- Characterization and simulation.

T3 - Applications and integration

- Concentrating solar power (CSP).

- Photovoltaic applications.

- Building integrated photovoltaics.

- PV plants and PV grid.

- Safety and recycling, Economies of scale.

Organising Committee

- Zahir ROUABAH (Chairman)

- Abdel Hamid IRATNI (vice-chairman)


- Sabrina BENABBAS

- Hanane BENSAID



- Abdel Hamid BOUGUERRA


- Nacer-Eddine CHELALI

- Hocine DEHAMNA

- Saleh DAOUD

- Nabila GRAR


- Abdelghani KHALDI

- Zineddine LEFKIR

- Nacer LOGZIT

- Messaoud MOSTEFAI

- Khaled ROUABAH


- Abdelbaki YESSAAD

- Daniel A. M. EGBE

- Ammar NOUI


- Tahr TAIBI

Scientific Committee

- Dr. Getachew ADAM, Dilla Univ., Ethiopia.
- Dr. Kamel AGROUI,CRTSE, Alger, Algeria.
- Prof. Ahmed AL-SALAYMEH, Jordan Univ., Jordan.
- Prof. Abdelaziz AMARA, Annaba Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Khaled AYADI, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Daniel Ayuk Mbi EGBE, JKU Linz., Austria.
- Prof. Boubakeur Azoui, Batna Univ., Algeria.
- Dr. Majda Amina AZIZA, CDER, Alger, Algeria.
- Prof Yao AZOUMAH, PAUWES, Togo/Algeria.
- Prof. Hakim BAAZIZ, M'Sila Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Mohammed BAGHDAD, Mostaganem Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Mouloud BAKLI, Air Liquide, UEA: Emirates.
- Prof. Abdelfettah BARHDADI, ENS-UM5A, Rabat , Morocco.
- Prof. Maamar.BELHADJI, Oran Es-Senia Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Abdelkrim BENIAICHE, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Simona BINETTI, Milano Univ., Italy.
- Prof. Noureddine BENSLIM, Annaba Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Abderrahmane BELGHACHI, Bechar Univ., Algeria.
- Dr. Nabil BELKHIR, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Dr. Amina BENHAMOU, Boumerdes Univ,. Algeria.
- Prof. Hocine BEN MOUSSA, Batna Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Mohamed BOUAFIA, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Nourredine BOUAOUADJA, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Nadir BOUARISSA, M'Sila Univ. Algeria.
- Dr. Idris BOUCHAMA, M'Sila Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Bachir BOUCHEKIMA Ouargla Univ., Algeria.
- Dr. Amor BOUHDJAR CDER, Alger, Algeria..
- Prof. Chaabane BOUSBAA Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Pr. Abla CHAKER, Constantine 1 Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Zoulikha CHARIFI, M'Sila Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Mohamed CHEGAAR, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Nacer-Eddine CHELALI, BBA Univ., Algeria.
- Dr. Zivayi CHIGUVARE, NEI Windhoek, Namibia.
- Dr. Abdellah CHORFA, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Dr. Aissa CHOUDER, M'Sila Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Mahfoud DJEZZAR, Constantine 1 Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Abdelaziz DRICI, Annaba Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Said DRID , Batna Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Lassaad EL MIR , Ibn Saud IslamicUniv., Saudi Arabia.
- Dr. Kouider FERRIA, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Yasser GABER DESSOUKY, Arab Academy of Sci & Tech, Egypt.
- Dr. Ralph GEBAUER, ICTP Trieste, Italy.
- Prof. Gerhard GOBSCH, TU-Ilmenau, Germany.
- Dr. Nabila GRAR, BBA Univ.; Algeria.
- Dr. Hocine GUESSAS, Setif Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Serap GUNES Yildiz , Technical Univ., Turkey.
- Prof. Bouzid HADJOUDJA, Annaba Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Mohamed HAMIDOUCHE, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. abderrachid HELMAOUI, Bechar Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Anouar JORIO, Fes Univ., Morocco.
- Dr. Robinson JUMA MUSEMBI, Nairobi Univ., Kenya.
- Prof. Cesar KAPSEU , Ngaoundere Univ., Cameroon.
- Prof. Mohamed KECHOUANE, STHB Univ. Algeria.
- Dr. Mostafa KOLLI, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Kamel LOUCIF, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Dr. Toufik MAHDAOUI, Setif Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Hj. Hassan MASJUKI, Malaya Univ., Malaysia.
- Prof. Saad MEKHILEF, Malaya Univ., Malaysia.
- Prof. Leila MOKHNECHE, Batna Univ., Algeria.
- Dr. Faiza MOKHTARI MERAH, Tizi Ouzou Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Messaoud MOSTEFAI, BBA Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Abdelkader NOUIRI, Oum El Bouaghi Univ., Algeria.
- Dr. Emmanuel RAMDE, Kumasi Univ., Ghana.
- Prof. Samir ROMDHAN, El-Manar Univ., Tunis, Tunisia.
- Dr. Zahir ROUABAH, BBA Univ. Algeria.
- Prof. Abdelkader SAIDANE, ENP ORAN, Algeria.
- Prof. Rahman SAIDUR, Malaya Univ., Malaysia.
- Prof. Salima SAIB, M'Sila Univ., Algeria.
- Dr. Larbi SELMANI, BBA Univ. Algeria.
- Dr. Maayouf SI ABADALLAH M'Sila Univ., Algeria.
- Prof. Nouar TABET, (QEERI) Institute, Qater.
- Prof. Mahlia T.M. INDRA, Malaya Univ., Malaysia.
- Dr. Daniel YAMEGUEU, 2iE Ouagadougou., Burkina Faso.

Plenary Speakers

  • Prof. Daniel Ayuk Mbi EGBE, Coordinator of ANSOLE, Johannes Kepler Universi-ty Linz, Austria.

  • Prof. Mouloud BAKLI, International Expert Air Liquide, UEA: United Arab Emir-ates.

  • Mr Boualem BENHAMADA, expert Engineer, company for the production of photovoltaic panels, CONDOR Electronics, BBA, Algeria.

  • Prof. Nadir BOUARISSA, M'Sila University, Algeria.

  • Prof. Nacer-Eddine CHELALI, Bordj Bou Arreridj University, Algeria.

  • Prof. Anis JOUINI, INES (Institut National Energie Solaire) Aix-Les-Bains, France.

  • Prof. Saad MEKHILEF, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

  • Prof. Amin NOWSHAD, the National University of Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia.

  • Prof. Nouar TABET, Qatar Environment & Energy Research Inst. (QEERI), Qatar.


Registration is done online at (Deadline: 20 March 2015)

Registration fees:

Registration fees will be paid at the secretarial desk of the conference.

 Algerian 8000 DA
 Algerian student 4000 DA
 Foreign researcher 200 €
 Foreign student 100 €
 Others 10000 DA


The registration fees for one person (for one abstract only) include conference materials incl. program, book or CD of abstracts, admission to all scientific sessions, coffee breaks, accommodation and lunches.


Participants from BBA University and ANSOLE members will pay 50% of the registration fees.

Abstract Submission

Deadline of the abstract submission is 20 March 2015.

Please download here the abstract template.


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Organizing Secretary

Address: INCOSOLE 2015, Materials and Electronic Systems Laboratory, University of Bordj Bou Arreridj, El-Anasser, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria.

Phone: +213 35 86 22 52

Fax: +213 35 86 22 52

Mobile phone: +213 660 42 01 09

E-mail: incosole2015(at)
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