General Information

In line with its objectives, ANSOLE organizes various international renewable energies (RE) gatherings, the most prominent ones being the ANSOLE DAYS. ANSOLE DAYS are a forum of exchange among non-experts, scientists, researchers, industrial experts, technicians, etc, all devoted to find environment-friendly and sustainable ways to address the energy problem in Africa.

The first ANSOLE DAYS (ANSOLE DAYS 2012), with the theme "Solar Energy for Sustainable Development" was held in Yaounde Cameroon from the 17th to the 19th of February 2012 at Yaounde University. Report on this very successful event can be read in ANSOLE News1 (downloadable from our website)

The second ANSOLE DAYS (ANSOLE DAYS 2015) on the theme "Bridging Academics, Technicians and Entrepreneurs" aims at creating a platform of easy interaction among various stakeholders in RE sector. Lectures consist of inputs from scientists, technicians, social scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, vocational trainers, etc. The event is complementary to the International Summer School funded by the VolkswagenStiftung on the theme "Renewable Energies for Africa: Solar Energy and its Applications", which is held from the 13th to 18th of July 2015 at NM-AIST. Young scientists (MSc, PhD and Postdocs) from East & Southern Africa are invited to apply for the school. For further details please go to:

ANSOLE DAYS 2015 will also witness the second General Assembly of ANSOLE members and the constitution of a new advisory board.

The general information on ANSOLE DAYS 2015 is downloadable here.

President of the event and of Nelson Mandela Week
Prof. Dr. Burton Mwamila, Vice-Chancellor of NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania

International organizer of the event
PD Dr. habil. Daniel Ayuk Mbi Egbe, ANSOLE Coordinator (daniel.egbe(at)
Chairman of local organizing committee
Dr. Askwar Hilonga, NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania (askwar.hilonga(at)

Chairman of scientific committee
Prof. Dr. Eugene Park, NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania (eugene.park(at)

International Coordinator of RE-Africa
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Wydra, FH-Erfurt, Erfurt Germany (kerstin.wydra(at)

Coordinator of Nelson Mandela Week and Chairman of LOC of RE-Africa
Prof. Dr. Karoli Njau, NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania (karoli.njau(at)



We invite submissions of abstracts, presenting:
  • Original research findings in various aspects of RE and RE- related topics.

  • Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in RE in Africa.

  • Entrepreneurship in RE in Africa and elsewhere.

  • NGOs, charity organisations, networks and institutions directly or indirectly linked to RE aspects in Africa.

  • The situation of RE research and applications in various African countries/regions (regional and national ANSOLE representatives are urged to submit such abstracts/papers).

  • RE businesses.

Please download the abstract template and submit your abstract at:

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Askwar Lilonga (NM-AIST, Chairman of LOC of ANSOLE DAYS 2015)

  • Prof. Dr. Karoli Njau (NM-AIST, Chairman of LOC of RE-Africa)

  • Prof. Dr. Eugene Park (NM-AIST, Arusha, Tanzania)

  • Dr. Marcel Castro-Sitiriche (NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania),

  • Mr. Frederich Henri Chali (NM-AIST)

  • Mr Fred Lihinda (Managing Director, Energie-Konzepte, Tanzania)

  • Mr Stephen Lyabandi (Founder of Innosolutions Tanzania)

  • Mr Arthur Karomba (Director of Wind Power Serengeti, Tanzania)

  • Mr Benard Ojwang Okech (Managing Director of SEPON LTD, Tanzania)

  • Ms Paula Rodriguez (University of Delft, The Nertherlands)

  • Dr Safae Aazou (University of El Jadida, Morocco)

  • Prof. Dr. Kerstin Wydra (FH Erfurt, Coordinator RE-Africa)

  • PD. Dr. Daniel A. M. Egbe (ANSOLE Coordinator)
Contact emails: ansoledays2015(at), jdaniel.egbe(at), jaskwar.hilonga(at)

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Eugene Park (NM-AIST, Arusha, Tanzania, Chairman of SC)

  • PD Dr. Daniel A. M. Egbe (JKU Linz, Austria)

  • Dr. Ralph Gebauer (ICTP, Trieste Italy),

  • Prof. Dr. Karoli Njau (NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania)

  • Dr. Marcel Castro-Sitiriche (NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania)

  • Prof. Dr. Emmanuela Colombo (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

  • Dr. Ineke Malsch(Malsch TechnoValuation, Utrecht, Holland)

  • Dr. Askwar Lilonga (NM-AIST, Arusha, Tanzania)

  • Prof. Dr. Kerstin Wydra (FH Erfurt, Germany)

  • Prof. Dr. Yao Azoumah (PAUWES, Tlemcen, Algeria),

  • Prof. Dr. Izzedine Zorkani (University of Fes, Morocco),

  • Dr. Zivayi Chiguvare (NEI Windhoek, Namibia),

  • Dr. Robinson Juma Musembi (UON Nairobi, Kenya)

  • Dr. Joseph Mutale (University of Manchester, UK),

  • Prof. Gerhard Gobsch (TU-ilmenau, Germany)

  • Dr. Zahir Rouabah (University of BBA, Algeria)

  • Prof. Dr. Samir Rhomdhane (University of Bizerte, Tunisia)

  • Prof. Dr. Yohannes Teketel (University of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia)

  • Dr. Claude Vidal Aloyem Kaze (University of Bamenda, Cameroon)

  • Prof. Dr. Casimir Museruka (KIST Kigali, Rwanda)

  • Prof. Dr. Boaventura Chongo Cuamba (Mondale University Maputo, Mozambique)

  • Dr. Sosten Ziuku (University of Harare, Zimbabwe),

  • Dr. Daniel Yamegueu (2iE Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)

  • Prof Dr. Adenike Boyo (Lagos State University, Nigeria)

  • Prof. Dr. Mammo Muchie (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

  • Prof. Matthias Bashahu (University of Burundi, Burundi)

  • Dr. Emmanuel Ramde (KNUST Kumasi, Ghana)

  • Dr. Alle Dioum (Chekh Anta Diop University, Dakar Senegal)

  • Dr. Wichard Beenken (TU-Ilmenau, Germany)

  • Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Iwuoha (West Cape University, South Africa)

  • Dr. Karine Ioset Ndjoko (University of Lumumbashi, DR Congo)

  • Dr. Safae Aazou (University of El Jadida, Morocco)

  • Mr. Chifundo Martin Tenthani ( University of Malawi, Malawi)

Venue and Travel Information


Tanzania, officially the United Republic of Tanzania is a country in East Africa. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, is in northeastern Tanzania. Tanzania's population of 44.9 million is highly diverse, composed of numerous ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups. Climate varies greatly within Tanzania. The hottest period extends between November and February (25-31 ℃ or 77.0-87.8 ℉) while the coldest period occurs between May and August (15-20 ℃ or 59-68 ℉). Annual temperature is 20 ℃ (68.0 ℉). More about Tanzania can be found here:

Arusha and Surroundings and NM-AIST

NM-AIST is one in a network of Pan-African Institutes of Science and Technology located across the continent. Its Motto is ACADEMIA FOR SOCIETY AND INDUSTY. The institute is closer to the Arusha City. Arusha is world-wide famous for being closer to Mt.Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro crater, and Serengeti National park - three of the seven natural wonders of the world. Do you intend to visit any of this touristic sites and need a prior arrangement? If yes, please contact the chairman of the local organizing committee (LOC): askwar.hilonga(at)


For citizens of most countries an entry visa is obtained directly at entry aiports and border crossings. The visa costs 50 US dollar. In case you need to apply for an entry visa in your home country and you need an invitation or acceptance letter for that purpose, please contact the organizing committee (ansoledays2015(at) and provide the following information:

Full name as in your passport: ....................................
Passport No: ....................
Date of issue: .................. Place of issue: ................................ Expiry Date: ........................................... Nationality:.............
(Acc person) Full name as in the passport: ......................................... Passport No: ..............................
Date of issue: ................. Place of issue: ................... Expiry Date: ......... Nationality:...............

Always have a ball pen ready with you on the plane as you will need it to fill in the entry form to be handed to the border police.


It is imperative to be vaccinated against yellow fever at least ten days before travel date. Medication against malaria is also advisable prior to travelling. Vaccination cards are controlled at the airports and borders.

How to get to Arusha

There is a direct international flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) which is about 40 Km from the Arusha City Center or a local flight to Arusha Airport. NM-AIST is 16 km East of Arusha City centre. You can access NM-AIST by road from the City Center or from KIA. When you land at KIA take a Taxi (USD 40) to NM-AIST or arrange with the organizers for pick-up service. Tel: +2557645749 (Hilonga); Email askwar.hilonga(at)


When you land at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) take a Taxi (USD 40) to your hotel or to NM-AIST or arrange with the organizers for pick-up service. Tel: +2557645749 (Hilonga); Email askwar.hilonga(at) A shuttle between accommodations and NM-AIST will be arranged by the organisers during the Nelson Mandela week.


NM-AIST has negotiated prices with the following hotels:
  1. Planet Lodge ( Price $105 bed and breakfast (5% discount if you mention Nelson Mandela Week during booking.

  2. City Link ( Negotiated Price $40 bed and breakfast.

  3. New Safari Hotel ( Negotiated Price $60 bed and breakfast.

  4. Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (Guest House and student hostels): Negotiated Price $20 bed only.


Abstract submission: 15 May 2015

Registration: 15 May 2015

Notification of abstract acceptance and type of presentation (oral or poster): 31 May 2015

For African attendees (students and researchers), it is advisable to submit your abstract and register early enough in order to receive financial support. Early registration is also necessary for better planning of the journey (visa application, early booking of air-ticket, vaccination) bearing in mind the less developed inter-African transportation-infrastructure.

Download abstract template and registration form. Please submit both at ansoledays2015(at)

Registration Form and Fees

Type of participant* Before deadline After deadline
From non-African companies 350€ 450€
From Africa-based companies 250€ 350€
Non-African 270€ 320€
African 180€ 200€
Active ANSOLE member (non-African)** 150€ 180€
Active ANSOLE member (African)* 100€ 120€
African student 120€ 150€
African student (active ANSOLE member)* 70€ 100€
* All accompanying person pay 25% less.
**active members are those who support ANSOLE by paying the yearly due of 20 € or 30€.

Few African researchers and students (preferably from North, Central and West Africa) can be exempted from registration fees and other costs if they submit their completed registration form and abstract together with their CV and a short letter of motivation as a single PDF file (please go to to join PDF files into a single file if necessary) to the organizing committee. In addition, the abstract and registration form should be submitted in separate doc-files. Support will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

Selected young African scientists (Msc, PhD, Postdocs) from East & Southern Africa will be funded by the VW-Stiftung if they fulfil the requirement to attend the International Summer School on "Renewable Energies for Africa: Solar Energy and its Applications" which starts already on the 13th of July (for further details please go to Young female scientists are greatly encouraged to apply for this school.

While the organizers are willing to search for additional support for travel and subsistence, this cannot be guaranteed. The organizers are grateful if any African participant covers his/her participation costs.

The registration fees include ANSOLE DAYS 2015 conference facilities, participation in three days of lectures, exhibitions, lunch and coffee breaks, the conference dinner and transportation shuttle between accommodation and NM-AIST.

For African participants, on site payment can be made in Euro, or the equivalent amount in Dollar or in Tanzanian Schilling if there are difficulties in transferring the fees to ANSOLE account:

Name of the bank: Sparkasse Jena-SHK
Name of recipient: ANSOLE e.V.
IBAN: DE52 8305 3030 0018 0256 68
Intended use/ Reference: ANSOLE DAYS 2015_Name of Participant

Non- African participants are requested to transfer the fees to the above account.

Please download the registration form, fill and submit to ansoledays2015(at)

Company Presentation, Exhibition and Promotion

ANSOLE DAYS is offering the possibility for companies to present themselves in form of information flyer included in the hand outs, presentation in the abstract booklet or an exhibition stand with information materials. The fees for company presentation range from 300€ to 600€ depending on the level of presentation. This is valid for companies which are not sponsors. Please contact the ANSOLE coordinator for any arrangement (daniel.egbe(at)

Sponsorships and Donations

Most attendees (students and researchers) from West, Central and North Africa are not able to afford the expenses to attend ANSOLE DAYS 2015, and that is why we rely on different sources of donation and sponsorship to enable high attendance from different parts of Africa. Depending on the level of sponsorship, ANSOLE will grant the following benefits:
  1. The sponsor's logo will be on the ANSOLE website for four months and will be printed in the abstract booklet and banners

  2. A separate information inset from the sponsor will constitute part of the handout to the attendees

  3. The sponsors will be acknowledged during the opening and closing sessions of the meeting through power point presentations

  4. The sponsors can send two co-workers to attend the meeting without registration fees (valid for sponsorship above 2000 €).

  5. Free space will be provided to showcase products and services (above 2000 €).

  6. The sponsor will be mentioned at the end event proceedings, which will be published on our website and via our dissemination channels.

  7. The sponsor can present its products and services through a 2 to 3 pages articles to published in ANSOLE e-Magazine

  8. A special certificate of thanks stating the level of sponsorship will be issued:
    • Sponsor Sustainable: 30000 € and above
    • Sponsor Diamond: between 20000 and 29999 €
    • Sponsor Gold: between 10 000 and 19999 €
    • Sponsor Platinum: between 5000 and 9999€
    • Sponsor Silver: between 3000 and 4999 €
    • Sponsor Bronze: between 2000 and 2999 €
    • Sponsor Silicon: 1000 to 1999 €
    • Sponsor Hybrid 500 to 999 €
    • Sponsor Organic: up to 499 €
In order to obtain a donation receipt (Spendenquitting) for tax reduction purposes donors are requested to donate to:

Name of the bank: Sparkasse Jena-SHK
Name of recipient: ANSOLE e.V.
IBAN: DE52 8305 3030 0018 0256 68
Reference: ANSOLE DAYS 2015_Name of Sponsor

Institutional/Company members
Media Partners
Energy Programmes in Africa
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Renewable Energy Interactive Map Survey: To facilitate the accessibility of RE knowledge, the REN21 has developed a web-based interactive tool to guide users through relevant renewable energy information. Please click:

ENERGY GLOBE AWARD is presented annually to outstanding and sustainable projects in the area of environment and energy. Awards are presented on the national and international level for the 5 categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth. Apply for the next issue by going to

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