General Information

ANSOLE organises a yearly international gathering called ANSOLE DAYS. ANSOLE DAYS are a forum of exchange among non-experts, scientists, researchers, industrial experts etc, who are all devoted to promote the use of solar energy in particular and other forms of renewable energies in general to address the acute energy problem in Africa while preserving and protecting the environment. The first ANSOLE DAYS (ANSOLE DAYS 2012) with the theme "Solar Energy for Sustainable Development" shall be held in Yaounde Cameroon from the 17th to the 19th of February 2012. The meeting will consist of fondamental teachings on various forms of solar energy, presentations (oral and poster) of scientific research results, presentations of networks in renewables energies and environmental protection, brain-storming round table discussions of African researchers to seek solar energy research areas suitable for interdisciplinary interactions among african scientists, exhibition of innovative research results and exhibition of local and international solar energy businesses. International solar businesses which are interested to participate to this yearly event should contact the ANSOLE coordinator:

Click here to download the ANSOLE DAYS 2012 poster, which can be printed and used for advertisement purposes of the conference.

Abstract Submission

We invite submissions of abstracts, presenting:
  • Original research results in various aspects of renewable energies in general and solar energy in particular.

  • NGOs, charity organisations, networks and institutions involved in training and education in solar energy, and in promoting the use of solar energy and renewable energies.

  • The situation of solar energy research and applications in various African countries/regions (regional and national ANSOLE representatives are urged to submit such abstracts).

  • Solar Energy and renewable energy businesses.

Please prepare your abstract using the abstract template and submit it to the following emails:,,

Click here to download the abstract template.

Company Presentation, Exhibition and Promotion

ANSOLE DAYS is offering the possibility for companies to present themselves in form of information flyer included in the hand outs, presentation in the abstract booklet or an exhibition stand with information materials. The fees for company presentation range from 150€ to 300€ depending on the level of presentation. This is valid for companies which are not sponsors. Please contact the organizers by email for arrangements. (,


Abstract submission: 30th October 2011

Registration: 30th October 2011

Notification of abstract acceptance and type of presentation (oral or poster): 30th October 2011.

For African attendees (students and researchers), it is advisable to submit your abstract and register early enough in order to receive financial support. Early registration is also necessary for better planning of the journey to Cameroon (Visa application, early booking of airticket, vaccination) bearing in mind the less developed inter-African transportation infrastructure.

Click here to download the the abstract template.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Oumarou Bouba, Rector of University of Yaounde I - Host of the event

Prof. Daniel A. M. Egbe, ANSOLE Coordinator - International Chairman

Prof. Jean-Marie Bienvenu Ndjaka, University of Yaounde I - Local Chairman

Prof. George Elambo Nkeng, Director of ENSTP Yaounde - Vice Local Chairman

Mrs Pauline Bihege, Treasurer of KBK Yaounde - Treasurer of ANSOLE DAYS 2012

Mr. Ludovic Etoundi, CEO of KBK Yaounde

Prof. T. C. Kofane, Head of Physics Department, University of Yaounde I

Prof. Cesar Kapseu, ANSOLE Regional Representative for Central Africa

Dr. Joseph Kenfack, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique Yaounde

Dr. Patrice Mbaya, President of Board of Directors of KBK Yaounde

Dr. Joseph Ndop, University of Yaounde I

Dr. Emelda Ngufor Samba, University of Yaounde I

Prof. Samir Romdhane, Co-Initiator of ANSOLE-

Serge Henri Kelbe, General Manager of Matrix Power

Philipp Johannes Roessler, German Embassy Yaounde

Frau Katja Buchecker, DAAD Cameroon

Arlette Epanya, ANSOLE Cameroon

Contact emails:,,

Scientific Committee

Prof. Samuel Domngang, President of the Cameroonian Academy of Sciences - Chairman

Prof. Fon Abi, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

Prof. Abdelfettah Barhdadi, University of Rabat, Morocco

Prof. Amel Benfredj Romdhane, University of Tunis ElManar, Tunisia

Prof. Nadia Camaioni, CNR Bologna, Italy

Prof. E. Manguelle Dicoum, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

Prof. Daniel A. M. Egbe, University of Linz, Austria

Prof. George Elambo Nkeng, ENSTP Yaounde Cameroon

Prof. Gerhard Gobsch, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany

Prof. Cesar Kapseu, University of Ngaoundere, Cameroon

Dr. Joseph Kenfack, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique de Yaounde, Cameroon

Prof. Joachim Möller, Technical University of Freiberg, Germany

Prof. Jean-Marie Bienvenu Ndjaka, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

Prof. Samir Romdhane, University of Carthago, Tunisia

Prof. Serdar Sariciftci, University of Linz, Austria

Prof. George Sissoko, University of Dakar, Senegal

Dr. Andre Talla, ENSTP Yaounde, Cameroon

Prof. P. Woafo, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

Prof. Teketel Yohannes, University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contact emails:,,

Final program

Click here to download the final program


Participants with accepted scientific abstracts are requested to submit a manuscript at the registration desk (one hardcopy + electronic version brought along with a USB-stick). The manuscripts will be reviewed and the authors will be notified. All accepted articles will be published in a special issue of African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID) The recommended manuscript length is 6-10 pages. The paper should be prepared in one column format (justified) using Times New Roman 12 pt typeface on a A4 (210mm x297mm) without pagination and single line spacing. Margins: top-30mm, bottom, left and right-20mm.

The manuscript should contain:
  • Title (16pt, bold, alignment centre);

  • Name(s) of author(s)-(12pt, bold), address(es) and country (12pt, italic);

  • Abstract (4-6 lines, 12pt) and keywords;

  • The main text (Introduction, method, results and discussions, conclusion, acknowledgements and references; the headings of the parts should be written with font size 12pt, bold.

Registration Fees

  Participants from non African companies: 200€ (250€ after 15.12.2011)

  Participants from African companies 120€ (150€ after 15.12.2011)

  Non African participants 100€ (120€ after 15.12.2011)

  Non African student 80€ (100€ after 15.12.2011)

  African participants 60€ (80€ after 15.12.2011)

  African researcher* 50€ (70€ after 15.12.2011)

  African student* 25€ (35€ after 15.12.2011)

  Accompanying non African person 50€ (70€ after 15.12.2011)

  Accompanying African person* 25€ (35€ after 15.12.2011)

* African researchers and students are exempt from registration fees and other costs if they submit their completed registration form and abstract together with their CV and a short letter of motivation to the organizers (,, before the deadline. Applications will be granted on a first come, first served basis. While the organizers are willing to search for additional support for travel and subsistence, this cannot be guaranteed and so the organisers would be grateful if any African scientific participants can support any part of their travel and accommodation costs. This will enable a higher number of participants from various parts of Africa to attend.

The registration fees include ANSOLE DAYS hand-outs (bag, notebook, pen, abstract booklet, sponsor´s information flyer), participation in three days of lectures, workshops and exhibitions, lunch and coffee breaks and the conference dinner.

For African participants, on site payment can be made in Euros, or the equivalent amount in Dollars or in Francs CFA if there are difficulties in transferring the fees to the Cameroonian account number shown below. Cameroonian participants are requested to pay their fees (in FCFA) within the deadline (before 15th December 2011):

Name: Bureau de Coordination Germano - Camerounais
Account N.: 1005-0001-0191543150147
IBAN: CM21 10005 00001 0191543150147
Bank: Afriland First Bank; Agence: Yaounde - P.O Box 11834, Place de l'independance
Reference: ANSOLE DAYS 2012

For non African participants, registration fees can be transferred into the account number below to avoid high transfer fees. The collected fees will be transferred to the Cameroonian local organizers as from the 15 of December 2011. Bank transaction between Europe and Cameroon required approximately 2 weeks. Please email the coordinator ( to inform him about your money transaction. For transparency reasons, please bring a copy of your transfer receipt along with you to the conference. On site payments are also possible, if non African participants encounter difficulties in transferring money. Please inform the organizing committee in time per email (,

Recipient: Daniel A. M. Egbe
Bank: Raiffeisenlandesbank OO
Account No: 1833813
Bank Code: 34000
IBAN: AT78 3400 0000 0183 3813
Intended Use or Reference: ANSOLE DAYS (family name of participant)

Click here to download the Registration form.


Most African attendees (students and researchers) are not able to afford the expenses to attend ANSOLE DAYS 2012, and that is why we rely on different sources of donations and sponsorship to enable high attendance from different parts of Africa. Depending on the level of sponsorship, ANSOLE will grant the following benefits:
  1. The sponsor´s logo will be on the ANSOLE website for four months and will be printed in the abstract booklet.

  2. A separate information inset from the sponsor will constitute part of the handout to the attendees.

  3. The sponsors will be acknowledged during the opening and closing sessions of the meeting through power point presentations

  4. The sponsors can send two co-workers to attend the meeting without registration fees (valid for sponsorship above 1000 €).

  5. Free space will be provided to showcase products and services.

  6. Banners bearing the sponsor´s logo will be placed in different parts of the meeting venue.

  7. The sponsor will be mentioned at the end event proceedings, which will be published on our website and via our dissemination channels.

  8. A special certificate of thanks stating the level of sponsorship will be issued:

    • Sponsor Solar: 30000€ and above

    • Sponsor Diamond: between 20000 and 29999€

    • Sponsor Gold: between 10 000 and 19999 €

    • Sponsor Platinum: between 5000 and 9999€

    • Sponsor Silver: between 3000 and 4999€

    • Sponsor Bronze: between 2000 and 2999€

    • Sponsor Silicon: 1000 to 1999€

    • Sponsor Hybrid 500 to 999€

    • Sponsor Organic: up to 499€

In order to obtain a donation receipt (Spendenquitting) for tax reduction purposes European and American donors are requested to donate to the following account of a friendly charity organization (This until ANSOLE obtains a legal status and its own bank account, the process of legalization is going on)

Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Köln.
Account N°: 7232100.
Bank Code: 37020500.
IBAN: DE95370205000007232100.
Recipient: World University Service (WUS) e.V.
Reference: ANSOLE DAYS 2012

Cameroonians and other Africans can donate through the following bank account (Please send the organizers a scanned copy of your money transfer receipt)

Name: Bureau de Coordination Germano - Camerounais
Account N°: 1005-0001-0191543150147
IBAN: CM21 10005 00001 0191543150147
Bank: Afriland First Bank; Agence: Yaounde - P.O Box 11834, Place de l'independance
Reference: ANSOLE DAYS 2012


The following keynote lectures focusing on various fundamental aspects of solar energy will be presented by invited speakers:
  • "Issues related to efficiency and stability in polymer based solar cells" Prof. Elizabeth von Hauff, University of Freiburg, Germany

  • "What comes after wafer-Silicon and Thin Films in Photovoltaics?" and "Sustainable Energetics University Education" Prof. Dieter Meissner, Tallin University of Technology, Estonia.

  • "Organic and hybrid solar cells" Prof. Serdar Sariciftci, Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

  • "Materials design for organic and hybrid solar cells" Prof. Daniel A. M. Egbe, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz, Austria

  • "Hybrid systems for a sustainable electricity generation: the "flexy-energy" concept" Prof. Yao Azoumah, International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

  • "Efficient spectroscopic methods used in photovoltaic research" and "SolarValley-Mitteldeutschland: The biggest research and industrial cluster for photovoltaics in Europe" Harald Hoppe, Ilmenau University of Technology, Ilmenau, Germany

  • "The role of charge transport in polymer solar cells" Prof. Nadia Camaioni, CNR-ISOF Institute, via P. Gobetti 101, Bologna, Italy

  • "Photoelectrochemical cells" Prof. Yohannes Teketel, University of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

  • "Solar cell quality control by both recombination and electrical parameters determination: Application to a vertical parallel multijunction silicon solar cell" Prof. Gregoire Sissoko, University Cheik Anta Diop of Dakar, Dakar, Senegal

  • "Concentrated solar power technologies" Dr. Betrand Fankam TTchanche, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

  • "Converting Research Results in Solar Energy into Innovation: Ideas and Experiments in Strengthening the African Solar Energy Network" Mammo Muchie, Tshawne University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

  • "Assessment of solar radiation over Africa: present and future" Lucien Wald, MINES ParisTech, Centre Energétique et Procédés, Sophia Antipolis cedex, France

  • "The Solar Bottle and Solar Fountain: An educational tool for creating awareness of energy management" Dr. Mark Vervaart, CEA/INES R.D.I., Laboratory for Solar Systems, Le Bourget-du-lac (France)

Further renowned keynote speakers and the titles of their lectures will be announced successively on the ANSOLE webpage.

In addition, we invite submissions of abstracts, presenting:
  • Original research results in various aspects of renewable energies in general and solar energy in particular.

  • NGOs, charity organisations, networks and institutions involved in training and education in solar energy, and in promoting the use of solar energy and renewable energies.

  • The situation of solar energy research and applications in various African countries/regions (regional and national ANSOLE representatives are urged to submit such abstracts/papers).

  • Solar Energy and renewable energy businesses.

Please prepare your abstracts using the abstract template provided on our website under Abstract submission.

Venue and Travel Information


Cameroon is known as "Africa in miniature" due to its history, culture, landscape, flora and fauna. Cameroon, with a population of approximately 20 million inhabitants, is the only African country (and second only country in the world after Canada) where both English and French (the widely used official communication languages in Africa) are official languages, underlining once more its status as "little Africa". Cameroon has hospitable people and less explored touristic sites. It is also the ideal African destination for beer lovers and its very high beer consumption (maybe the highest in Africa) is strongly related to German colonial influence. Cameroon offers a wide variety of foods and seasonal fruits, which are more than 90% organic (bio)... Cameroon has more than 20% muslim population, so that there are enough Halal food stores and restaurants in Yaounde. It is worth taking advantage of the opportunity to visit Cameroon, a country which has so much to offer, but is less known by tourists.


Yaounde is the administrative capital of Cameroon. It is the second largest city in the country after Douala, and has approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants. The city ranges over seven hills and with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons it is less humid than Douala. February is a dry period.

The University of Yaounde I, built on the slopes of hills is the oldest institution of higher learning of the country and was the sole state university until the Higher Education Reforms in the early 1990's, which saw the creation of new state and private universities. There are presently around 20 universities in Cameroon.


You will need an entry visa which can be obtained from the nearest Cameroonian embassy/consulate. If you require an invitation or acceptance letter for your visa application, please contact both the coordinator ( and the chairman of the local organizing committee Prof. Jean-Marie Bienvenu Ndjaka ( and provide following information :

    Full name as in your passport: ...................

    Passport No: .....................................

    Date of issue: ...................................

    Place of issue: ...................................

    Expiry Date: ......................................


    (Acc person) Full name as in the passport: .........

    Passport No: .......................................

    Date of issue: .....................................

    Place of issue: ....................................

    Expiry Date: .......................................


Always have a ball pen ready with you on the plane as you will need it to fill in the entry form to be handed to the border police.


It is imperative to be vaccinated against yellow fever at least ten days before travel date. Medication against malaria is also advisable prior to travelling. Vaccination cards are controlled at the airports and borders.


Return flights from Europe and the USA to Cameroon are cheaper for a travel duration of at least one week. Spending a few warm days (before or after the conference) at the sandy Atlantic beach in Kribi (a coastal town located 2.5 hours bus drive from Yaounde) is recommended, especially during the winter period in the North Hemisphere. Please inform the organizers if you are interested in a trip to the beach or participating in the sight-seeing tour organized by the conference.

Accommodation and Transport

Hotel prices range from 20000 FCA (30€) to 60000 FCFA (90€) (3 to 4 stars hotels), while the majority are found in the lower price region. Most hotels have centralized internet systems, but very few offer internet connections in the rooms or wifi (Franco Hotel). The organizing committee will make the reservations for foreign participants. Transportation will be provided from the Nsimalen airport, Yaounde to your hotel, and foreign participants will be shuttled between the hotel and the conference venue.

Institutional/Company members
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